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Adjustment Period

It has been two months since my people and I moved to Michigan and I’m loving it!  I now have much more room to run, play hide and seek, and enjoy lake views from every window.   

The addition of the second condo also provides another litter box, food station, and human-size bed for naptime. This is an excellent feature since I can follow the sun and enjoy the rays while snoozing the afternoons away.

I’m also enjoying the new furniture.  It is so nice that most of it is at window height.  I watch birds, deer, rabbits, and people from several elevated perches.

But the best part is no more two-hour car rides back and forth from Illinois to Michigan! My cat carrier, which now sits on a shelf in the main bedroom, has become just another place to escape to if there is construction noise or if my people have too many friends visiting during naptime.

All in all, I have adjusted quite well and am looking forward to new adventures as an official Michigander!

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