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My first view of my forever home was through the mess window of a lovely cat carrier. From what I could see, I thought, "Yup, this could work out well!

My people understood that a new home might be a little overwhelming so the first room I was introduced to was the bathroom. This was good since it also had a litter box area built into the sink vanity. Pretty snazzy if you ask me. So much better than "taking care of business" in front of 20 other cats!

Once I got acquainted with the "facilities," the humans then encouraged me to check out the rest of the condo. All in all, I don't think a cat could ask for too much more.

There were elevated cat bowls in the kitchen and a water fountain. The living room had a large container of new toys, and my fluffy bed (gray, of course) was in h main bedroom on top of the dresser. This was a perfect place because, besides being off the ground, I had a great 4th-floor view of trees. But, being a cat, I also claimed a spot on the coach as well as the braided rug on the balcony.

Home is where the heart is and my heart was very, very, happy in its new abode.

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Love it. Smokey, you are a very lucky cat!! Appreciate your Parents! Sounds like they are doing a great job👍🏻

Replying to

Yup - I am a very lucky cat! Thanks for reading my blogs!


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