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I'm a Michiganer!

View of the lake

I had my daily routine figured out. Then CHANGE happened. My people were given the option to purchase the two-bedroom condo adjacent to the one-bedroom they already owned in Michigan. This meant they could have the entire top floor with multiple views of Lake Michigan. Wow. However, to fully enjoy that fantastic opportunity, they decided to sell their condo in Illinois, combine the two units, and live full-time in Michigan.

No one asked me my opinion about being relocated, but it was a really good decision. I have more room to play hide and seek and multiple huge windows to watch birds, squirrels, bunnies, deer, and an occasional coyote. I have two beds to sleep on, depending on where there is the most sunshine and a second litter box. I don’t miss the two-hour car rides back and forth in my cat carrier. I use it now as an extra place to nap on cloudy days.

My humans had to get new driver and car licenses, library cards, register to vote and find a new chiropractor, dentist, hair salon, and auto mechanics. I had to be established with a new veterinarian. That meant an exam, a nail trim, and a distemper shot. They do see a lot of dogs at the Village Vet, so there may be a different facility in my future. Time will tell.

Overall, however, I’m looking forward to experiencing life as a Michiganer.

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So glad it’s working out well for you! But I do miss seeing you more often! ❤️🐈‍⬛🐾

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