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In the beginning ...

In the beginning, my name is/was Robert. That's what they called me at the West Suburban Humane Society, in Downers Grove, IL, where I waited with my two sisters for someone to give me a forever home.

I don't look like a Robert but it's better than just being a number like 436219. That happens in some shelters. Wow, that would be so disheartening.

What's excellent about WSAS is that it is not set up like a jail - cages. Instead, all young cats, a few old guys, live in the Cattery. That's a big room with perches, walking shelves, couches, and toys. It also has humans who volunteer to come and play with you. It wasn't too bad but not a forever home.

One day this lovely couple came by and I could tell they wanted to adopt. They met several of my fellow playmates but watching them, I knew this couple needed me. So when the lady was speaking to one of the attendants, I casually wandered over to the guy seated on the couch. I rubbed against his leg and gave him my best purr. I repeated this ploy a few more times and won him over. The lady liked me too but I knew in my kitty heart that he and I would be something special.

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