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My Sign is Cancer

Smokey with a Happy Birthday sign.

I was born in mid-July, so my sign is Cancer. Those of us born under this sign have a reputation for being devoted, are fond of our loved ones, and place a high value on family and close friends. We are also emotional, highly intuitive, sensitive, and at times, insecure.

I guess this is why I love my humans and would rather travel with them instead of staying home with a "cat-sitter." Although, I am blessed that, when needed, my cat-sitters are great, fun, caring folks who love to spoil me. On second thought, maybe staying home sometimes isn’t too bad.

I don't like loud noises and really dislike the 4th of July. Really, do you have to explode things to celebrate? I'm thinking a lighted drone show would work just as well and be great for the likes of me as well as for birds, squirrels, bunnies, dogs, folks with PTSD, and even autistic kids. Just saying ...

I get bored easily and like new games, toys, and challenges. I’m great with capturing a laser beam, figuring out how to open stuff, and catching anything that might fly over my head.

The symbol for Cancer is a crab. It doesn’t mean we’re moody, just that sometimes we like to retreat. I usually do this on a high shelf in the closet or behind a rack of shoes. Both are great places to reflect on the meaning of life or just take a nap.

All in all, I think I fit my astrological sign quite well.

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