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The Lake House

Unfortunately, lots of cats are homeless. I am blessed because I have a home in Illinois and one in Michigan located right on the shores of Lake Michigan.

I travel with my humans there about twice a month. It is an easy 90-minute trip. Well, for me, it is my open-top carrier. For my humans, not so much. They have to deal with the weather, construction, idiot drivers, and many trucks.

Our Lake House is small, but we have three outside decks, and the view from them is amazing. I enjoy seeing all the different types of boats, paddleboards, and jet skis. The other day a seaplane flew very low over our coast.

Oftentimes from our second-floor location, I can also watch deer, birds, squirrels, and even a woodchuck cross in front of our building. We have a slight view of the pool, but for me, four-legged and two-winged creatures are much more interesting.

In Michigan, I have all the comforts of home in Illinois, but just a little different. My bed is the top of a perch, my water fountain runs on batteries, my dishes are blue, and my toys are different, but that’s a nice plus.

At the Lake House is that I can’t wander like I do in the hallway in Illinois. I have to wear a vest and a leash. That is a good idea because I could get hurt if I started chasing something and forgot I was on the second floor.

The best part of the day is sunset. The colors reflect differently on the lake change each night, so there is always something new and awesome.

I love having two homes and realize I am a very lucky cat.

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