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Waiting for Approval

The humans filled out all the paperwork and paid the fees, BUT were not allowed to take me home that day. UGG. WSHS had to check them out to make sure they were suitable "Pet Parents." That means checking to see if they had done right by the previous cats that shared their domicile (i.e. vaccinations and vet visits were done on a regular basis) and if in their current location, they could provide cat-appropriate accommodations.

The approval process took THREE days. In the meantime, I crossed my toes for good luck, said goodbye to my two sisters, and spent time grooming my fur.

When the big day arrived, no one could find me because I was so nervous that I hid in a furry snug on the top shelf of the climbing wall. In a way, it was a great test to see if they really wanted to adopt me.

The good news is that the humans were persistent and I quickly found myself seated in a really first-class carrier for my first car ride ever.

Gray cat looking up.

Photo credit: Erica Leong from Unsplash)

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