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What's In A Name

Phot of cat from  Freepik by Wirestock

So, as I shared before, my name at WSHS was, Robert. However, while my adoptive parents were waiting for approval, they started to discuss that I did not look like a Robert - although does anyone know what a "Robert" looks like?

Knowing that my fur was shades of gray they tried to use that fact to come up with what they thought might be a more appropriate moniker. Little did they know that whatever my name might be, I am 100% cat.

That means I don't come when called - just when it is of benefit to me.

But I digress. My humans also were considerate that I might be used to being called, Robert. So the final decision was to name me Smokey Robert Wojcik since all adopted cats take their family's surname.

When I am in the mood I will look up if someone calls me Smokey, but I also enjoy, "Sweetheart," "Cutie," and even, "Fur Face"!

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